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A water management program is essential to maintaining a healthy landscape, particularly during conditions involving drought and watering restrictions. Greenworld is committed to helping our customers be good stewards of the environment.

Water Smart is our comprehensive, customizable water management program and provides a range of options to fit your budget. Our suite of cost-effective water management solutions is designed to save 20-40% of your water use and maximize your water efficiency. An investment in improving your irrigation system can easily pay for itself in water cost savings.

Our Water Management Services Include:

WaterSmart Survey – We will analyze your current water consumption and evaluate your irrigation zones, pressure and coverage areas. From our analysis, we will advise you on how to improve your system for the greatest water efficiency. We will identify any areas on your property where there are heads that can be turned off or zones that may be upgraded for more effective water use.

Irrigation System Renovation – Based on the water conservation survey of your property, we will determine the improvements that need to be implemented to help build a sustainable irrigation program. Our program provides the flexibility to phase in modifications over several years or completely renovate your system all at once. Whether it’s adding a rain sensor or pressure regulator to implementing a new WiFi controller, you will have various options so that you can achieve your goals and meet your budget. As part of our renovation program, we may suggest changes or additions to the following components of your irrigation system.

Irrigation System Components:

Pressure Regulated Sprays and Rotors – Proper pressure makes water usage more efficient by eliminating the “fogging” effect that increases evaporation. This will also add to the longevity of the system and reduce leaking.

Rain Sensor – Rain Sensors eliminate irrigation operation during and shortly after precipitation, saving unnecessary watering.

Weather Sensor – Weather Sensors monitor the weather and determine how much water needs to be applied to your lawn and landscape.

Advanced Head Nozzles – Nozzles are the smallest part of an irrigation head but one of the most important. Advanced nozzles allow for a more efficient pattern of water and spray angle.

MP Rotators – MP Rotators are some of the most advanced adjustments you can make to your existing heads. Beyond nozzle replacement, these Rotators transform your heads into multi-stream rotor that provides truly efficient delivery and reduces the amount of water flowing through the heads. These allow for the best usage of water while reducing the overall amount applied.

Soil Moisture Sensor – This is the first step toward an irrigation system that can think on its own. Soil moisture sensors measure the soil moisture and adjust the run time on the clock accordingly. Sensors provide an “intelligent” option when coupled with a controller that is able to adjust at the sensor’s direction.

Advanced Controller – These controllers, coupled with Online Weather Stations, provide a true thinking “brain” for your system. They are capable of measuring not just precipitation, but also humidity, wind, solar radiation and other measurements to determine the right amount of irrigation for your property.

Drip Irrigation – Drip irrigation efficiently applies a low volume of water directly around the root zone of the plant which minimizes water loss.

Rain Water Harvesting Systems – Capturing rain water from building roofs, surface run-off and HVAC condensation is an excellent way to use our resources wisely. We are strong proponents in re-using water and can provide water harvesting systems such as cisterns for your property.